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What We Do


Think of us as your virtual assistant!

Video Breakdown

I utilize available technology such as Hudl to offer you non-biased individual and team video game breakdown to help you save time to prepare for your next practice or game.

By saving you time, you have the opportunity to better manage your already busy schedule.

Career Mentoring

I have over 25 years of experience in the world of basketball coaching and program management. You’ll get feedback and tips on how to prepare for interviews, present catchy resumes and cover letters, and develop your overall coaching philosophy (I am an ASEP-certified instructor and sport management professor). I have been where you are and am here to help!

Team/Self Scouting

You’ll receive a non-biased self-scouting report to show you the tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses of your team and areas that I would attack if I were coaching against you.

How many times have you used this strategy in the past? I know it helped me when I coached and it can help you as well!


Mentored by many knowledgeable coaches at every level of the game, I also stay current with the game by studying today’s top coaches, both in practices and games. The teams I have worked with have all improved their team performance. Whether it is the offensive or defensive side of the ball, I offer another perspective to teaching and coaching.

Sport Psychology

I teach sport psychology and performance at the graduate level. I have seen the difference the mental side of basketball makes in performance. Developing important skills such as goal setting, imagery, relaxation, and positive self-talk will help your athletes both on and off the court. Let me help your team reach their peak performance!